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Plantar warts stem from an incredibly stubborn viral infection — which is why treatment requires a unique approach. At Coastal Maine Foot and Ankle, highly experienced podiatrist Barry White, DPM, specializes in cutting-edge solutions for stubborn plantar warts. He uses Swift Microwave Therapy to target the virus at its source, giving you long-lasting wart relief. There’s no downtime needed after these brief in-office sessions, so book your appointment online or call the Yarmouth, Maine, office today.

Warts Q&A

What are plantar warts?

Plantar warts grow on the soles of your feet. They're usually flatter, harder, and more painful than warts that appear on the hands or in other areas of the body.  

Due to their location, standing and walking can push warts deeper and deeper into your skin. Plantar warts may also have deep roots inside the foot, making them a particularly stubborn type of wart. 

What causes plantar warts?

Plantar warts come from certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus can get in through small cuts, abrasions, or other openings in your feet if you walk in a public area like a swimming pool deck without shoes. 

While the types of HPV that cause plantar warts aren't cancerous, warts can be quite irritating and painful. 

What are the symptoms of plantar warts?

Plantar wart symptoms can include:

  • The sensation of tiny pebbles in your shoe
  • Pain when you walk or stand
  • Small round lesions, which may have black spots in the center
  • Reduced sensation on the bottom of your feet

Usually, plantar warts are fairly small — about the diameter of a pencil eraser — but warts can also grow together to make much larger clusters. 

What is the treatment for plantar warts?

At Coastal Maine Foot and Ankle, Dr. White uses the Swift Microwave Therapy system, the newest state-of-the-art technology for the treatment of plantar warts. 

The Swift Microwave Therapy system delivers low-dose energy via a small probe. There's no skin breakage, no incisions, and no injections. 

The microwave energy triggers your body's internal immune response, which in turn kills the virus that causes your wart. You may feel a very brief scratch or sting during treatment, but most people find the Swift Microwave Therapy treatment quite comfortable.

Treatments take only 5-10 minutes total in the office, and you typically need three to four treatments spaced a month apart for full wart removal. You can resume your regular activities as soon as you finish each treatment session.

Swift Microwave Therapy is the most effective treatment for plantar warts because it actually stimulates the destruction of the virus causing your warts for long-term results. 

To learn more about the FDA-cleared Swift Microwave Therapy for plantar warts, call Coastal Maine Foot and Ankle or click on the online scheduling link.